Friday, May 8, 2015

Connecticut Legislature Alert!

In response to the Hartford Courant's article "Bill Prohibits Employers From Prying Into Personal Social Media Accounts"

Connecticut legislature alert. If the press reports are true who are they kidding.

A $500 fine for requiring employment applicants to reveal their social media passwords is a joke. First a good interviewer will get that information without requiring it. Second they can simply ask, if the applicant says no they finish the interview and find out they are not hired. No one will know why. Third if an employer cares enough to press it what are the odds it will get reported and fines. Finally it is only a maximum $500 fine and it may be only $25. 

Sounds like legislation to trick the public into thinking they really care about them.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Racing - Lessons Learned

Fate or something is against me. I have scheduled myself for races that I am not doing 5 times this year.

1 January Ocala Florida half marathon with a friend. 2 weeks before the race I have pain in my foot. I could have run, but my doctor recommends new running shoes, the pain gets much worse. My friend drops out due to an injury. Lesson: run in pain; don't change shoes just before a race.

2 June 7 iron horse half marathon: nephew's bride to be is having a party, I will drive my wife there and make a weekend of it with family. Lesson: family matters

3 June patriot half ironman: after registering I decide to do an October, flatter half ironman with friends. Lesson: don't put things off even for an easier path with friends.

4 September half iron man in Princeton is cancelled. Lesson: towns with lots of smart people can get in your way. Who cancels a planned race?

5 October half ironman beach to battleship, I planned on doing is the date chosen by nephew and lovely wife to be, to marry without polling the 100s on the guest list. Lesson: everything is not always about me.

I am still planning on doing my yearly 300 mile bike ride in the desert. Consider joining me. It is a great trip. Last year I had to cancel at the last minute because a case scheduled for trial, had not yet settled. Lesson: work is good, busy is great.

Overall lesson: I am a lucky guy to have a full schedule, great friends and family, and to still believe that I am able to complete a half ironman. Maybe I should simply choose shorter distance races or stick to well supported bike rides with great sag.

Friday, April 3, 2015

We Sue Professionals, Including Financial Planners

Financial planners are professionals too. And we sue professionals when they screw up. Your Financial Planner has an obligation to act in accordance with what other reasonable Financial Planners would do. If they make recommendations that most others would disagree with, and if the value of the asset goes down, or even does not go up in accordance with what a prudent financial planner might do then your Financial Planner can be liable to you for the difference. The catch is that we need a Financial Planner to testify against the Financial Planner we are suing. This may or may not be difficult to find. Call us we can help.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Lawyer Accused of Stealing

In response to recent article titled, "$1.8 Million Reported Missing From Estate Left to Town of Oxford"

Another lawyer accused of stealing. Lawyers are trusted with the money of others every minute of everyday. The money can sit under the lawyer's sole control for months or years. There is no shortage of people in any profession, in any job, who are crooks, or who through a series of self told lies and justifications, break the rules. The difference is lawyers have greater unrestricted access to large sums of other people's money. Especially lawyers who practice alone. Being a lawyer is a privilege, most lawyers are honest. Those who breach the trust which comes as part of the privilege should receive stiff and harsh punishment. One simple step which would help the profession police itself is to require all money held in trust to be in accounts where two lawyers have to sign for all withdrawals. It would slow the flow. There would still unfortunately be plenty of business for me helping the victims get there money back. CAN WE HELP? Call us. 860-561-0651.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tort Reform

Tort reform hurts claimants. Keep in mind when you think of the claims that the court system is not fair to doctors that a major player in pushing for limitations on damages is by the insurance companies.

This is a terrible story from California which brings to mind the tort reform that California enacted years ago. The loss of life’s enjoyment and the pain and suffering experienced in any claim for malpractice was limited in California to $250,000 the last time I checked. We represented a client in a claim for Medical Malpractice in California years ago. I was shocked at how little was offered by the defendants insurance company. Why? They did not have that much to lose because of the damage cap.

Here in Connecticut there is no such cap. There has been a great deal written about how caps and other tort reform does NOT reduce medical malpractice insurance premiums. Let’s hope the insurance companies don’t try similar efforts here.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dr. Dre Gives Out Big Bonuses to His Longtime Law Firm

Dr. Dre is said to have been the highest paid musician in 2014. I am sure I would not know his music if I happened to hear it in an elevator. I bet I would never hear it in an elevator. :)

But it would be cool to have Dr. Dre as a client. Just being around the famous is often a treat. Dr. Dre just gave every employee of the law firm he used a gift of $10,000. There are many comments out on the web about whether or not a law firm can accept gifts. The short answer is yes. But if the gift is substantial the lawyers have a bunch of rules to consider. They need to avoid the appearance of it really being a fee and the rules around excessive fees. Lawyers are only allowed to charge reasonable fees. We often get calls with complaints about the fees charged by other lawyers. No surprise there are lawyers out their charging fees that are excessive.

We can help – if you have been harmed by your lawyer give us a call.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Violence in Paris

Violence in Paris. It is outrageous how violence becomes the avenue traveled to make a point. I have been going into lawyers offices for years that have buzzers and cameras. I have been going into court houses and government buildings with metal detectors for years as well. I have watched this security get tighter and tighter.

I can recount the threats that my knees would be broken, I recall threats by a cop who was on the other side of a case, by someone who had just shot up my client’s house in anger and the more vague threats of “watch your back”. I recall one of our lawyers going to a deposition and the other lawyer putting a gun (in a case) on the conference room table.

I don’t have an answer. I wish our kids did not have to see any of this.