Friday, March 21, 2014

Lawyers in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit With Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez a name synonymous with great ball player and also synonymous with illegal steroid use. It is no surprise that he would sue for medical malpractice if he was not told by the Yankee doctor that a Scan revealed a problem which could make it risky for him to continue to play. If true the doctor may have put the team’s interest in having it's player ready to play, ahead of Rodriguez’ interest of taking more time off in light of the risks of playing injured.

It is no surprise that the lawyers for the doctor will want a video deposition of Rodriguez which can be leaked to the news outlets. It is just another tool in the bag of tricks lawyers who represent insurance companies use to make it hard on the injured party.

Rodriguez is accustomed to playing by his own set of rules. Normally I would side with the injured party, but it is hard to be empathetic for “poor” Alex Rodriguez. The rules, at least in Connecticut where I practice law, allow for video tape depositions. There seems to be some justice in Rodriquez having to play, at least in a lawsuit he brought, by the rules. I hope to see that video tape deposition on the news someday. How about you?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dewey LeBoeuf Wreckage

Dewey LeBoeuf – oh the arrogance of the powerful. Power corrupts. If the allegations are true of course. The allegations are simply that the leaders of this oh so powerful law firm, where the key partners made millions, for cooking the books to get money from banks and others. Too many lawyers succumb to the temptation of playing games. Lawyers are trusted with the money of their clients, they are trusted with the cases that their clients need pursued, when they cause damage they should be brought to justice.

When the leaders in a company by fraud damage the company, they damage the other owners. We see this in the press all the time, with big corporations being mismanaged by the leadership team. The other owners here are the innocent partners in the law firm. I am left to wonder if some of the other partners in the firm who may not have known about the cooking of the books will now sue the guilty, again assuming the allegations are true. They should, they too were damaged.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When An Attorney Won't Take Your Case

A recent article from The Epoch Times, titled "Patient Harm: When An Attorney Won't Take Your Case":

"More than 450 attorneys were surveyed for the Emory study, “Uncovering the Silent Victims of the American Medical Liability System[11],” which found that three out of four medical malpractice attorneys reject more than 90 percent of the cases they screen [12]. The study found:
The study recommended reforming the system by increasing funding for legal services [16], so attorneys could be compensated for their time; making defendants who lose a case pay the plaintiff’s attorney fees [17]; or sending malpractice complaints to an administrative system [18] with neutral adjudicators and medical experts so patients wouldn’t need an attorney."

The simple reality is that we have to devote tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes thousands of hours on each medical or legal malpractice case we take on. We are committed to the cases we take. We spend the money and we spend the time. Unfortunately that means we cant take on many of the cases that come to our attention. Call us. Maybe your case will be one we will take on.