Friday, April 24, 2015

Racing - Lessons Learned

Fate or something is against me. I have scheduled myself for races that I am not doing 5 times this year.

1 January Ocala Florida half marathon with a friend. 2 weeks before the race I have pain in my foot. I could have run, but my doctor recommends new running shoes, the pain gets much worse. My friend drops out due to an injury. Lesson: run in pain; don't change shoes just before a race.

2 June 7 iron horse half marathon: nephew's bride to be is having a party, I will drive my wife there and make a weekend of it with family. Lesson: family matters

3 June patriot half ironman: after registering I decide to do an October, flatter half ironman with friends. Lesson: don't put things off even for an easier path with friends.

4 September half iron man in Princeton is cancelled. Lesson: towns with lots of smart people can get in your way. Who cancels a planned race?

5 October half ironman beach to battleship, I planned on doing is the date chosen by nephew and lovely wife to be, to marry without polling the 100s on the guest list. Lesson: everything is not always about me.

I am still planning on doing my yearly 300 mile bike ride in the desert. Consider joining me. It is a great trip. Last year I had to cancel at the last minute because a case scheduled for trial, had not yet settled. Lesson: work is good, busy is great.

Overall lesson: I am a lucky guy to have a full schedule, great friends and family, and to still believe that I am able to complete a half ironman. Maybe I should simply choose shorter distance races or stick to well supported bike rides with great sag.

Friday, April 3, 2015

We Sue Professionals, Including Financial Planners

Financial planners are professionals too. And we sue professionals when they screw up. Your Financial Planner has an obligation to act in accordance with what other reasonable Financial Planners would do. If they make recommendations that most others would disagree with, and if the value of the asset goes down, or even does not go up in accordance with what a prudent financial planner might do then your Financial Planner can be liable to you for the difference. The catch is that we need a Financial Planner to testify against the Financial Planner we are suing. This may or may not be difficult to find. Call us we can help.