Monday, February 25, 2013

We Sue Lawyers

WE SUE LAWYERS – it is odd going to bar association meetings and seeing other lawyers who I have sued for damages when they have screwed up. Some ignore me, others are apologetic, acknowledge that they made a mistake and even refer others to us when they come across a situation where their client was the victim of the malpractice of another lawyer. I am proud of the fact that we sue lawyers, times have changed, lawyers need to do the right thing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Sue Lawyers - Legal Malpractice

WE SUE LAWYERS - many years ago I asked a doctor friend to offer an opinion on a case. I was evaluating a medical malpractice case where our client was probably the victim of Medical Malpractice. We were sitting on a dock, where I kept my sailboat. I call this my Doc on a Dock revelation. He said he would never testify against a fellow doctor and then asked me “when is the last time you sued a lawyer”. I had never sued a lawyer. But starting that day I stopped looking the other way and I started taking on Legal Malpractice claims. We sue lawyers, something I am proud to say. If a lawyer screws up and it causes damage a lawyer should step up and do the right thing. Times have changed, lawyers should represent injured parties and Sue the lawyer for the damages he or she caused by their negligence.