Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hospitals Battle Medical Malpractice Costs

The recent Hartford Business article on medical malpractice costs is helpful in understanding a few of the purposes of our justice system which allows each one of us to sue doctors and hospitals in search of Justice for our injuries caused by the negligence of the medical establishment.

1. As noted the hospitals have been reducing claims by increasing quality control. One of the purposes of the system that allows us to force them to pay for injuries is exactly that to encourage responsible medicine, medicine that considers the best interests of the patients.

2. As noted, some hospitals have instituted a program of acknowledging their mistakes and paying the damages without requiring a long drawn out process. They system is designed to encourage just that and sometimes it works.
3. It has always been the law that you need a doctor to say another doctor was negligent. It is wonderful that the public understand that juries have always received guidance from practitioners in a similar area of medicine to help them deliver Justice to those involved.

Those of us who sue professionals, whether it be lawyers, accountants or doctors, are focused only on bringing cases where someone has been injured due to the negligence of another. Quick and fair resolution is the goal, the system unfortunately does not always provide for either. These rights have to be fought for. The number of errors that occur in our medical system is staggering. Most of the time there is no real damage, but when a loved one is the victim of the negligence of a health care provider we are lucky to live in a country which provides an opportunity to present the truth to a Jury.