Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mayor of Hartford, CT Legal Malpractice

Who has not made a mistake?

A local celebrity is said to have committed malpractice.   First it sounds like, if it happened as alleged, that this was simply a mistake.   Of course the injured party should be compensated for the mistake.  Yet when hearing the phrase malpractice it conjures up all sorts of images. 

Malpractice is simply negligence by a professional.   Simple mistakes are negligence.  Just like any one of us could be negligent on any given day, doing something un-reasonable while driving or not shoveling part of our sidewalk after a storm or even foolishly throwing a ball at someone who does not expect it.   In each of these situations if someone is hurt they deserve to be compensated.  

It sounds like the mayor did the right thing.  It appears from the article that he acknowledged an error by his office.   It appears this is only news because the lawyer is the mayor.   People including professionals make mistakes all the time.  The system is there to compensate for damages if they occur.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tom Cruise Divorce/Mediation

There are many reasons why mediation is better than litigation for divorce.  Celebrities use mediation to avoid the tabloid spectacle but even for the non-celebrity, there are usually things that no one wants to say publicly or to have get out to the extended family, kids or friends.  Our lives are private – we share those private lives with our spouses.  When there is a fight with those who know our secrets – who are hurt – and who will twist the truth for self-preservation or to cause harm, think about mediation as a way to contain the hurt to yourself, each other and to those around you.