Friday, April 2, 2010

Connecticut Legal Malpractice: Understanding What It Is

With several thousand lawyers practicing in the State of Connecticut, the quality of lawyers varies. Even good lawyers (or their staff) can make mistakes. When legal malpractice hurts you, then you can sue your own lawyer. That's legal malpractice.

As with any lawsuit for money damages, you have to prove three things: (1) the lawyer failed to act as a reasonably careful lawyer under the circumstances, (2) the screw up hurt you, and (3) the monetary value of your loss.

Legal malpractice claims almost always require expert testimony. Another lawyer who practices in the same field will review what your lawyer did. If the lawyer concludes that your lawyer committed malpractice, then you have a case, so long as the screw up hurt you. We can help with legal malpractice cases in Connecticut.