Monday, December 15, 2014

When You Should Expect Your Lawyer to Dump You

Ever been dumped by someone? Ouch!!! Does it matter if you are at fault. But I thought he was my lawyer not my lover!

Some examples of when you should expect your lawyer to dump you:
- you share with your lawyer that you are going to commit a serious crime in the future. - you repeatedly disregard the advise of the lawyer
- there is just to much disagreement and arguing going on- can't agree on reasonable goals for the "together" part of your lives
- total loss of respect for the other
- the lawyer is not getting what he needs / expected (money) from the relationship
- your personal interests are in conflict
- it's just not fun anymore or in other words the relationship simply isn't working

There are limitations on when a lawyer can dump a client depending on the circumstances. Call us if you think we can help.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Low Cost Divorce

I have helped agreeable couples get the court process going, agree on the terms of the divorce, sign a settlement agreement and get divorced in court for $1-2,000, but that requires a cooperative approach by both husband and wife. More common for all the above would be $3-5,000.

Mediation does assume some level of understanding that compromise is a goal. This is especially important for the family unit if there are minor children.

I have helped high conflict couples through the divorce as well, at higher costs.

How often do lawyers behave badly by failing to encourage their clients from the start to consider peace and reconciliation as a goal in the divorce? I have seen it, all too frequently.

If you need a lawyer to mediate call us. If mediation is not the answer, we can also help kick butt if needed, but with an understanding that the goal is resolution not war. Think stick and carrot.

We are also here to go after damages against lawyers who have behaved badly.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rules for Tax-Smart Charitable Giving

In celebration of #GivingTuesday this year, the global day dedicated to giving back, Bruce and Leah share some thoughts on charitable giving. 

"Doing good deeds is second nature to many of my friends. These deeds can be small or large. They can be in acts of personal kindness or more global attempts to fix a problem. They can be by writing a check or spending time.

Some say what really matters is the intention or reason for giving of oneself. I don't agree. What matters is the good that is done. A good deed that helps others remains a help to others. So my thought as I reflect on Giving Tuesday is that we need more people to give. We should encourage giving even by those who give out of a sense that they do not want to be judged only by those other things they have done. Who knows the good deed may and should feel so good that it will encourage more positive conduct in his or her life. A journey starts with an intention to take one step." - Attorney Bruce Stanger

"So many nonprofit organizations contribute so much to our society and the quality of life in our communities. Find a nonprofit organization whose mission resonates deeply with you, and whose passion you share. Make sure that the organization is committed to excellence and best practices in all aspects of its operations. Give as generously as you can afford. Then enjoy the satisfaction that comes from contributing to something you care about." Attorney Leah Cohen Chatinover