Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celebrating 13 Years

13 years ago in August it was me plus one lawyer and one assistant. Today we are 6 lawyers and 3 assistants plus a team of consultants and offsite workers. Technology now allows us to work from anywhere, our phones are desktops, and we are organized in ways I never imagined when I started practicing law 37 years ago. Feels like real progress as we stay on the cutting edge. I am proud of what we accomplish with our clients, where we are today, of our incredible team and I look forward to many tomorrows. 

Bruce STANGER Managing Member and Founder

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Conflicts of Interest

It's the cover up not the deed that get so many in trouble.

Lawyers have a general obligation to stay on the correct side of conflicts of interest. From the attached article it appears to be the lack of a frank and open disclosure that got this lawyer in trouble. If your attorney appears to have a conflict of interest, or somehow not making your interests the most important expect a full and frank disclosure. Ask your lawyer if you have any concerns. It may simply be a misunderstanding. A client can even waive certain conflicts, but the waiver has to be based on complete knowledge and often should include advice from your lawyer to consult with an independent lawyer. You are not expected to know the difference between a conflict that can be waived and one that cant.

Call us if we can help. We don't mind going after another lawyer, it is only fair that the public have lawyers who are willing to call another lawyer on the carpet if they screwed up.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Email Best Practices for Lawyers to Avoid Malpractice Exposure

In this fast paced world of text and e mail expect your lawyer to be careful. But beware a fast pace makes for errors. One area of malpractice by lawyers is the use of e mail or text which when sent without thinking or double checking can go to the wrong person, not include someone that should be included or not get where it was intended.

Sending something that is confidential over e mail is accepted in most circumstances but if sent to the wrong person it can do serious damage. When a lawyer represents the wife, an e mail intended for the lawyers client which is accidently copied to the husband’s lawyer about those pictures of the husband or of the wife in a compromised situation will be used by the other side. There are rules about giving back that which was accidently sent to the other lawyer, but those rules may not save the day.

So expect your lawyer to double check before sending and to be careful generally with your confidential information. If he or she screws up and you are damaged give us a call we will fight to set things right.