Friday, April 24, 2015

Racing - Lessons Learned

Fate or something is against me. I have scheduled myself for races that I am not doing 5 times this year.

1 January Ocala Florida half marathon with a friend. 2 weeks before the race I have pain in my foot. I could have run, but my doctor recommends new running shoes, the pain gets much worse. My friend drops out due to an injury. Lesson: run in pain; don't change shoes just before a race.

2 June 7 iron horse half marathon: nephew's bride to be is having a party, I will drive my wife there and make a weekend of it with family. Lesson: family matters

3 June patriot half ironman: after registering I decide to do an October, flatter half ironman with friends. Lesson: don't put things off even for an easier path with friends.

4 September half iron man in Princeton is cancelled. Lesson: towns with lots of smart people can get in your way. Who cancels a planned race?

5 October half ironman beach to battleship, I planned on doing is the date chosen by nephew and lovely wife to be, to marry without polling the 100s on the guest list. Lesson: everything is not always about me.

I am still planning on doing my yearly 300 mile bike ride in the desert. Consider joining me. It is a great trip. Last year I had to cancel at the last minute because a case scheduled for trial, had not yet settled. Lesson: work is good, busy is great.

Overall lesson: I am a lucky guy to have a full schedule, great friends and family, and to still believe that I am able to complete a half ironman. Maybe I should simply choose shorter distance races or stick to well supported bike rides with great sag.

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