Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dr. Dre Gives Out Big Bonuses to His Longtime Law Firm

Dr. Dre is said to have been the highest paid musician in 2014. I am sure I would not know his music if I happened to hear it in an elevator. I bet I would never hear it in an elevator. :)

But it would be cool to have Dr. Dre as a client. Just being around the famous is often a treat. Dr. Dre just gave every employee of the law firm he used a gift of $10,000. There are many comments out on the web about whether or not a law firm can accept gifts. The short answer is yes. But if the gift is substantial the lawyers have a bunch of rules to consider. They need to avoid the appearance of it really being a fee and the rules around excessive fees. Lawyers are only allowed to charge reasonable fees. We often get calls with complaints about the fees charged by other lawyers. No surprise there are lawyers out their charging fees that are excessive.

We can help – if you have been harmed by your lawyer give us a call.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Violence in Paris

Violence in Paris. It is outrageous how violence becomes the avenue traveled to make a point. I have been going into lawyers offices for years that have buzzers and cameras. I have been going into court houses and government buildings with metal detectors for years as well. I have watched this security get tighter and tighter.

I can recount the threats that my knees would be broken, I recall threats by a cop who was on the other side of a case, by someone who had just shot up my client’s house in anger and the more vague threats of “watch your back”. I recall one of our lawyers going to a deposition and the other lawyer putting a gun (in a case) on the conference room table.

I don’t have an answer. I wish our kids did not have to see any of this.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Legal Entrepreneurs Dominate Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Law grads turned entrepreneurs top the Forbes list of 30 under 30 because a good legal education teaches us lawyers how to think critically and see options. I post a lot about Lawyers screwing up; even the best can screw up. 

Whatever your dream, if it includes building or growing a business, a legal education may help you get there, not only because we live in community, guided by laws, but because it will help you attack problems. Consider going to law school, and consider hiring a lawyer as an advisor not just to advise on law, but also to help you chart the way. We at StangerLaw are advisors to help you. CAN WE HELP?

But also remember if your lawyer screws up, WE CAN HELP; Give us a call.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Massachusetts Supreme Court To Tackle Thorny Issue - Rules of Professional Conduct

Different lawyers in two different offices of one law firm are representing two different inventors in applying for patents. One of the inventors, call her Imaginative, sues her lawyer for malpractice. Here is the odd thing, Imaginative got all she wanted, she got her patent. In her case she does not allege that she is damaged, she does not allege that she should or could have gotten more; in affect she only alleges that law firm shouldn’t do that under the Rules of Professional Conduct (in Massachusetts).

Imaginative’s new lawyers filed this case in Federal Court where it is thrown out because it does not involve a Federal issue. On to state court it is thrown out because there was no claim of any harm. Whether or not this is a conflict of interest can be debated. What is clear is that Imaginative is just that both in inventing things and in claims against her lawyer. What is also clear is that there is no point to a malpractice claim where the client is not damaged, but a great place to report a lawyer who violates the Rules of Professional Conduct. But it is not finally decided yet – the highest court in Massachusetts will hear the case and decide what happens next. WE CAN HELP you understand if you have a good claim against a lawyer. Call us WE CAN HELP.