Thursday, September 9, 2010

It’s All in the Complaint

After the client comes in to meet with the attorney for the initial meeting, the paperwork has been signed and the law firm gets to work on compiling documentation to prove the claim. Sometime between when the client walks through the law firm doors and before the statute of limitations expires, the attorney handling the case files a Complaint with the Court. The Complaint sets forth the client’s allegations and is an essential part of the lawsuit.

If when the attorney is filing the Complaint, she misses an important claim, fails to include all the responsible parties or even over looks some of the client’s most valuable damages, she may be liable for legal malpractice. The Court may not allow these important issues to be brought into the claim at the later stages of the court proceedings and by having failed to include these important pieces in the Complaint, she has made her client’s claim less valuable. Contact our office today to discuss your potential legal malpractice claim.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Legal Malpractice on the Eve of Trial

When a case is presented at trial, the client often feels a sense of relief that their matter will finally be resolved. All the time and preparation that went into getting the ready case will be put to good use. However, just because a case has made its way to a trial, that does not mean that the lawyer trying it cannot still be held liable if they commit legal malpractice, even at this late stage in the process.

After the lawyer spends countless hours filing pleadings, answering and issuing discovery, the case still needs to be prepared appropriately for trial. If the lawyer misses an important trial deadline or fails to properly disclose crucial expert witnesses to testify at trial and the client’s case suffers as a result, the lawyer may be liable for legal malpractice. The experienced attorneys at Stanger & Arnold, LLP have provided skilled legal malpractice representation for clients throughout Connecticut. Contact our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our experienced attorney negligence lawyers.